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Fire escape ladders could save your life when seconds count!

Quick and easy! Simply hang the ladder over a windowsill and climb to safety.
Won't damage walls! No permanent installation is necessary. Store it close to a window and it's ready to deploy.
All our fire escape ladders feature steel rungs that are rated to hold up to 1000 pounds.


Our fire escape ladders are the best available!

All our fire escape ladders are constructed using steel rungs designed to hold up to 1000 pounds. When seconds count, you don't want to wait for others to climb to safety. Steel rung construction allows more than one person to descend the ladder simultaneously. Five inch standoffs help steady our ladders as you climb and provide ample foot room. All our ladders are proudly made in the USA. They ship with a convenient storage box. Store a fire escape ladder in every upstairs room of your house. Need an escape ladder for a larger building? We stock ladders for buildings up to six stories tall.
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