Heavy Duty Fire Escape Ladders

Heavy Duty Fire Escape Ladder


Our heavy duty fire escape ladders are manufactured in America using high quality steel components. Each ladder can sustain up to 1000 pounds of weight, making them the ideal ladders for a safe exit when it counts the most. Each ladders comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer and is packed in a storage box that can easily be retrieved when needed, but stores easily in the meantime.

Metal windowsill hooks fold flat in storage and easily fold out before attaching them to a windowsill. Rubber ends provide extra stability and help protect your walls from damage. Unlike many other fire ladders, there is no need to permanently attach anything to the wall. If you ever need to escape simply hang the hooks over any standard windowsill of 10 inches or less and you're ready to escape fast!

Windowsill Hooks



Steel Chain

Strong galvanized steel chains ensure that the ladder is strong enough to get the job done. In an emergency, it is often impractical for one person to wait while another descends to safety. With young children, this is especially important, as they may require reassurance from an adult while they are descending the ladder. The 18-20 gauge double-link steel chains used on these fire escape ladders can hold up to 1000 pounds! This allows two people to descend the ladder simultaneously, saving you precious time in an emergency.



Quality steel rungs have ribbed tread which prevents slippage. Each rung is constructed of powder-coated 18-20 gauge steel. Their round shape makes it easy to grab and hold the rungs as you descend. The final rung is red, so that you can easily find it in an emergency and place it out of the window first.

Steel Rung Construction




Strong plastic standoffs provide extra stability for the ladder. They also provide more room for your foot. By keeping the ladder four inches away from the building, you can find your footing much easier. Standoffs are easily removed and placed on different rungs allowing you to easily customize your ladder by avoiding standoffs where you have windows. In the case of an all glass building they can easily be removed.



For an easier climbing experience, optional plastic sleeves come attached to each section of chain. This makes your escape even easier and more comfortable.

Windowsill Hooks

Simply put, the fire escape ladders we sell are the best on the market.

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